The vanishing act

The stage is set; all that he had worked for has brought me to this point. Stay calm!! Stay focused!! And let the illusion baffle everyone in the audience. The greatest acts are the ones simple enough to mystify the on lookers. The time is now… and seconds later the crowd’s applaud says it all. The leap he took had paid off; a final humble bow and his day’s work have ended.

As he steps out of the theatre his real vanishing act begins. Leaving everything behind he had managed to live a life of solitude; living content fully in the darkest parts of the world. A place he had for himself; a place of silence. In there he was cheered and loved but out here he was as complex as his illusions. He kept everything to himself; a shell that he felt comfortable in. He had seen enough in life to lose interest in this world. A point of view he culminated over a life span of experiences.

Despite his nature no one saw him as a coldhearted, emotionless loner; no he had people around him. Only a few thought they knew him but no one really did. Every day he headed out to the bars, slums and high risings to see the wretchedness of the world; to get inspired by the conversations many made him a part of. Every night in his one room apartment he sat there figuring out the human psyche and emotions. Engulfed in him were thought and morals of millions. That is what he treaded upon; picking something from here and there. Observing so that he could inspire in doing what he was famed for; a new trick that he added very now and then to his act. The world around him fed his need to evolve.

Bitten by the hand of time many times that he lost all emotional connection with the world. Even though he felt emotions but he suppressed them and that was the sacrifice of the highest order for bit of sanity he wanted for himself. His life was a constant vanishing act. He camouflaged his scars, tears and worries from the world. Such was the level of mastery he had attained vanishing the pain as if it never existed.

Another day went by like this; in game of desertion and appearance. Every morning he hit the street again and repeated his performance over and over again.